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Monitors as TVs (Re: TVs as monitors)

Ah yes, you do need a tuner.  I'm in the process of setting up a 
Linux-based HTPC using MythTV ( but currently use Windows 
(PowerDVD and WinTV).  I just need a stable 2.6 system before I can 
proceed any further with the Linux solution.  Fedora Core 2 Test 2 was 
rather unstable.  BTW - The 2.6 kernel has a better scheduler and other 
enhancements which provides a more constant frame rate for video.  See for 
details.  I don't think any Tivo models have a RGB output but the 
Toshiba Tivo model has a component video output which many projectors 
accept.  And come to think of it, many projectors have S-video and 
composite video inputs to but your picture quality will suffer if you 
use them.

> If your budget includes an HDTV settop box, you're in for a treat; 
> HDTV can be gorgeous. (Have a look at the PBS-HD broadcasts that 
> Channel 2 carries; the programs are often dull, but the visuals are 
> stunning.) Reception can be fussy, though; you may need an outdoor 
> antenna for reliable reception. Some HDTV boxes also receive analog 
> broadcasts, so that may be taken care of as well.

You can also get HDTV w/Comcast cable but I don't recommend it.  You get 
around 5 part-time HDTV channels with lots of repetition, banner ads 
when you change channels (with a 1-2 second delay when you change a 
channel), a $20-$30 surcharge and if that ain't all, the image is 
usually pixelated.   i.e.  not worth it.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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