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GIMP install help - URGENT

gboyce at wrote:

>Gimp 2.0.1 RPM for Fedora:
>There are other RPMs including a source RPM in the same directory.
My problem with using the RPM was that it would fail due to unmet 
dependencies, and some of those dependencies (like a lib) were not 
available anywhere in RPM format, or just didn't make sense to me (like 
X is required by Z [not installable]).

I'm thinking now that my system got out of whack somewhere (early) along 
the process, and then nothing was going to work without discovering and 
reversing the earlier mistake.

I'm sure to learn something tonight if I get a chance to share my shell 
session log.

If I have time, I'll re-install Fedora, then the GIMP RPM

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