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laptop recommendations, Phase II

I want to buy a fairly powerful laptop. Looking at Inspiron 9100 and HP 
zx5000, but Thinkpads are *REAL NICE*. I think the best model for me is the 
R51, because I don't care about weight, and I'm willing to give up some 
processing power (over the Dell and the HP) for a nice screen and 
built-like-an-SUV tough.

I haven't found any info on the R51 and Linux though. All of the recent 
Thinkpads seem to be very compatible (except maybe for suspend mode, but 
that's a big problem with Linux on most laptops), and for the most part they 
all use the same level of components, and Centrino is fully supported now. 

I have very high hopes, but would love to hear from someone who has done it. 
BTW, I expect to use a distro with 2.6 kernel, like SuSE 9.1 or Fedora Core 2 
(if I start hearing better things about dual booting with Windows)

Thanks in advance.
DDDD   David Kramer                 
DKK D  "The only problem with doing it right the first time is
DK KD  that nobody appreciates how difficult it was" 
DDDD                                                    - Anonymous 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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