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laptop recommendations, Phase II

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 08:03, David Kramer wrote:

> I have very high hopes, but would love to hear from someone who has done it. 
> BTW, I expect to use a distro with 2.6 kernel, like SuSE 9.1 or Fedora Core 2 
> (if I start hearing better things about dual booting with Windows)

What I've been hearing is that the problem is an interaction between 
the 2.6 kernel and something in Windows XP involving drive geometry 
and LBA. Initial complaints were that "it's only Fedora Core 2", and 
that other distributions don't exhibit the problem, but apparently 
those "other distributions" were using the 2.4 kernel, and we're 
starting to see the same problem with Gentoo and Mandrake when they 
install with a 2.6 kernel. 

Also, the problem seems to occur when partitioning the drive; I've 
had no problems with Fedora 2 myself, but I've been reinstalling 
on machines that already ran earlier releases of Fedora and Redhat, 
and I don't bother repartitioning; I just keep the same partitioning 
I was already using. So my newest machine was partitioned under 
Redhat 9, and Fedora 2 works fine with it. 

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