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laptop recommendations, Phase II

On Tuesday 01 June 2004 9:24 am, Bob Gorman wrote:
> At 08:03 AM 6/1/2004, David Kramer wrote:
> >I want to buy a fairly powerful laptop.
> You might find this within your spec/price range:

I looked at them.  I would love to support something like that, but there are 
several things stopping me.

- Their website is missing extremely crutial information, like warranty 
details, return policy, whether I would have to pay shipping and tax... In 
fact, their website is out of date enought that I wonder about the rest of 
the operation.  Ferinstance, if you go to that laptop, they're showing a 
special price that expired on 05/15, so they haven't updated the website in 
two weeks, and there just aren't that many pages on it.  I don't mind the 
website being plain, but it's just not professional enough, and that's the 
only information I have about the company.

- There's only one review of it ANYWHERE, and the review is AWFUL!  He has a 
whole paragraph on how the modem didn't work until he figured out he plugged 
it into the wrong wall jack, but no mention of battery life, heat, problems 
loading applications, feel of the keyboard, how the mouse emulation works...

- If I buy a laptop preloaded with Linux, I don't know what special drivers or 
kernel tweaks they needed to get everything working.  If I want to upgrade 
the OS later (and I will), then I would need to figure out those tweaks 
without the benefit of thousands trying before me and dozens posting their 
results somewhere.

DDDD   David Kramer         david at
DKK D  "Virtue has its own reward, but has no sale at the box office."
DK KD                                                             --Mae West

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