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Yahoo Mail hard to log in?

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Hi.  Anybody know of Yahoo mail accounts being hard to log into for the
last couple of days?  I haven't seen anything about it (except for the
Akamai hiccup, if that effected Yahoo I don't know) but I'm unable to
view her browser based email.  I can log into her account (I just
changed her password) but still can't see her mail.  It says "no data to
display".  Where there should be a whole bunch of mail (mostly spam).
Just curious if the problem is only hers or it's effecting more people.
~ Could it be that her local problem and her mail problems are related or
am I just being paranoid?

What got me to this question was I over at her house about to use my
hushmail account and noticed her cable modem light blinking furiously.
I was viewing a static web page and thought maybe Bill or some other
intrusive person was checking on their software (on her computer) and
took a look at task manager.  Nothing except for the browser was
running.  I check in her network places and see lots of data going in
and out.  She just purchased a new subscription to Norton antivirus.  I
checked for updates, ran it, nothing.  I then tried 4 webbased virus
scanners.  RAV found nothing, CA found nothing, Trend found a worm, and
Panda found two viruses.  (I also tried a worm removal tool, her
problems seemed to fit the profile of W32.Korgo.L, from Norton with no
success.)  Wow five antivirus products with different results.  We saved
her data to cd-rw (tons of music, I now have an excuse to buy a dvd-rw,
just too much junk for the cd's).  I told her that I think her computer
now belongs to somebody else, and since she does all her banking online
that she should change all her passwords to her accounts, keep an eye
open for suspicious activity and USE LINUX.  I am very happy to say that
after work this evening we'll be installing Linux and I'll also install
Samhain and watch it for her.   After almost a year of me trying to get
her to switch some cracker jerk has made the argument to her better than
I ever could.
- --
- -Eric
"Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't."
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