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Yahoo Mail hard to log in?

I noticed that I had difficulty logging into one of my yahoo mail 
accounts from home (comcast).  I got a network timeout when logging in.  
However, when I connected to my company's VPN, I could get to this 
account just fine.

This looks like Comcast has some routing issues going to some of yahoo's 
mail servers.

I didn't try running a tracert to the server in question, but I will 
when I get home.

Hope this helps.

Bruce Davis
Medford MA

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 > Hi.  Anybody know of Yahoo mail accounts being hard to log into for the
 > last couple of days?  I haven't seen anything about it (except for the
 > Akamai hiccup, if that effected Yahoo I don't know) but I'm unable to
 > view her browser based email.  I can log into her account (I just
 > changed her password) but still can't see her mail.  It says "no data to
 > display".  Where there should be a whole bunch of mail (mostly spam).
 > Just curious if the problem is only hers or it's effecting more people.
 > ~ Could it be that her local problem and her mail problems are related or
 > am I just being paranoid?
 > What got me to this question was I over at her house about to use my
 > hushmail account and noticed her cable modem light blinking furiously.
 > I was viewing a static web page and thought maybe Bill or some other
 > intrusive person was checking on their software (on her computer) and
 > took a look at task manager.  Nothing except for the browser was
 > running.  I check in her network places and see lots of data going in
 > and out.  She just purchased a new subscription to Norton antivirus.  I
 > checked for updates, ran it, nothing.  I then tried 4 webbased virus
 > scanners.  RAV found nothing, CA found nothing, Trend found a worm, and
 > Panda found two viruses.  (I also tried a worm removal tool, her
 > problems seemed to fit the profile of W32.Korgo.L, from Norton with no
 > success.)  Wow five antivirus products with different results.  We saved
 > her data to cd-rw (tons of music, I now have an excuse to buy a dvd-rw,
 > just too much junk for the cd's).  I told her that I think her computer
 > now belongs to somebody else, and since she does all her banking online
 > that she should change all her passwords to her accounts, keep an eye
 > open for suspicious activity and USE LINUX.  I am very happy to say that
 > after work this evening we'll be installing Linux and I'll also install
 > Samhain and watch it for her.   After almost a year of me trying to get
 > her to switch some cracker jerk has made the argument to her better than
 > I ever could.
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 > - -Eric
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