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xine OR i just want to listen to a cd

You might want to try setting up freshrpms as yum repository.
(Just add$releasever/$basearch/freshrpms
as a baseurl).  Then you could just run:

  yum install xine

and it would find the dependencies for you.  But, based on your list I
would suggest you download at least aalib, libdvdcss, libfame, and
xvidcore.  You might need additional packages, too.


Eric <235u at> writes:

> Afternoon.  On my way to work I saw a computer sitting in the trash
> (actually 3, but the other two sucked).  It's a hp 522n with a dvd and
> cd-r(w).  1.8 GHz celeron.  I slapped in 512 of extra memory I had
> lying around and cleaned all the dust out of it.  A little bird crap
> also, yuck.  Can you believe somebody put this in the trash!  It's
> fine. Anyway I installed fc2 and when I want to listed to a cd it
> wouldn't work.  Ah ha!  No audio cable going from cd-r(w) to
> motherboard.  xmms (my preferred player) makes the disc spin but no
> sound.  Doesn't xine read (ah, excuse my ignorance) digitally and not
> use the audio out from the cd player?  Anyway I try to install xine
> and xine lib and get these dependancies,
> # rpm -iv *
> warning: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key
> ID e42d547b
> error: Failed dependencies:
> is needed by
>          aalib is needed by
> is needed by
>          libdvdcss is needed by
>          libfame is needed by
> is needed by
> is needed by
>          xvidcore is needed by
> Do you know where I can get a nice RPM with all these goodies ready to
> go for folks using fc2?  I'll eventually want zine to play with the
> dvd drive anyway, just don't want to spend forever looking for the
> above stuff.  Thanks for any tips.  I'm using the "trash" computer
> now.  Cool 'eh?
> -- 
> -Eric
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