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Computers in Basements

So, I've recently returned from college back to my parents house and
as an extension of that, I've returned to the land of no central AC.
This has not been an issue over the winter, where I've run my systems
without worry, however the past couple of 80+ days, my room has invariably
has become an oven. This is not acceptible.

Now, my house has an unfinished basement which always stays nice and cool.
However, the problem that like most unfinished basement, it is a bit humid
down there. My current plan is to invest in a dehumidifier fore the
basement and move my servers (3) down there. I've google a bit on this and
have found no resources on such a venture.

So, I pose some questions to the list to see if anyone has done this before:

A. /Has/ anyone on list done something similar to this?

B. Should I be worried about anything else basement related (there are no
furry creatures crawling down there, we have a cat) that I should be
worried about?

C. If I do this, should I worry about winter temperatures? (I think it can
get down to 40-50 down there winter time)



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