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Computers in Basements

Ben wrote:

> So, I pose some questions to the list to see if anyone has done this
> before:
> A. /Has/ anyone on list done something similar to this?
> B. Should I be worried about anything else basement related (there
> are no furry creatures crawling down there, we have a cat) that I
> should be worried about?
> C. If I do this, should I worry about winter temperatures? (I think
> it can get down to 40-50 down there winter time)
I've got 4-5 separate machines in my basement, in a relatively small area.
It does get somewhat warm in there, which is a concern, but I haven't seen
problems yet (this is the third summer).  I wouldn't run a dehumidifier
there, as they can generate a LOT of heat.  In the winter, I find that they
contribute to the warmth of the area.


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