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Computers in Basements


I have had anywhere from 6-10 servers racked in the basement for the past 5
years with no major issues.  Dust accumulation  is something to watch for.
Not a big deal if you clean the system out every 6-mos or so with a can of
air.  I will say that it probably does decrease the MTBF of the various
internal components by exposing them to an environment of ever-changing

However, I can't be sure as the relatively-few component failures I've
experienced, were "getting up-there" in age anyhow...


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From: "Ben Jackson" <bbj at>
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Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 15:32
Subject: Computers in Basements

> So, I've recently returned from college back to my parents house and
> as an extension of that, I've returned to the land of no central AC.
> This has not been an issue over the winter, where I've run my systems
> without worry, however the past couple of 80+ days, my room has invariably
> has become an oven. This is not acceptible.
> Now, my house has an unfinished basement which always stays nice and cool.
> However, the problem that like most unfinished basement, it is a bit humid
> down there. My current plan is to invest in a dehumidifier fore the
> basement and move my servers (3) down there. I've google a bit on this and
> have found no resources on such a venture.
> So, I pose some questions to the list to see if anyone has done this
> A. /Has/ anyone on list done something similar to this?
> B. Should I be worried about anything else basement related (there are no
> furry creatures crawling down there, we have a cat) that I should be
> worried about?
> C. If I do this, should I worry about winter temperatures? (I think it can
> get down to 40-50 down there winter time)
> TIA.
> ~Ben
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