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LinuxWorld Expo comes to Boston

Al wrote, On 12/01/2004 03:15 PM:
> Is BLU not growing already?

Hard to tell.  We have meetings and we have a mailing list, but we don't have 
an official membership list, secret decoder rings (unless you count gpg), or 
club handshake.  I don't think you could come up with a meaningful number for 
"how many members do we have".

> What's the best way(s) to grow a BLU type organization?

That depends on what direction we want to grow it.
Do we want more curious-but-not-yet-committed?
Do we want more newbies?
Do we want more experts?
Do we want more IT people?
Hardware people?
Software developers?
Do we want managers or grunts?

I'm sure different members will answer these questions differently.  I feel 
much of BLU's strength comes from it's diversity, so the wider the mix, the 
stronger we are.

If I had to pick one type to expand, though, it would be to get more companies 
involved with Linux-based products.  And LinuxWorld is the best place I can 
think of to do that.

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