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LinuxWorld Expo comes to Boston

So there's no simple meetings and events attendance count of warm bodies 
that gets posted to the website consistently over time?
'could have a page that display recent counts and graphs attendance like 
a stock price chart with various views of time periods, etc.

I guess "companies involved with Linux-based products" means experts. 
But it seems to me that you more likely to find sales people at 
LinuxWorld. I suppose sales people are perfect for growing an 
organization.  ['more vague thought on this than I can put to words for 
now. Later, :)]

David Kramer wrote:

> Al wrote, On 12/01/2004 03:15 PM:
>> Is BLU not growing already?
> Hard to tell.  We have meetings and we have a mailing list, but we 
> don't have an official membership list, secret decoder rings (unless 
> you count gpg), or club handshake.  I don't think you could come up 
> with a meaningful number for "how many members do we have".
>> What's the best way(s) to grow a BLU type organization?
> That depends on what direction we want to grow it.
> Do we want more curious-but-not-yet-committed?
> Do we want more newbies?
> Do we want more experts?
> Do we want more IT people?
> Hardware people?
> Software developers?
> Do we want managers or grunts?
> I'm sure different members will answer these questions differently.  I 
> feel much of BLU's strength comes from it's diversity, so the wider 
> the mix, the stronger we are.
> If I had to pick one type to expand, though, it would be to get more 
> companies involved with Linux-based products.  And LinuxWorld is the 
> best place I can think of to do that.
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