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Tuning X window server for high definition

Thanks David.

David Hummel wrote:

>It depends on whether or not you are using a display manager (xdm, gdm,
>kdm, etc.) or starting the X session manually.  If the former, then yes
>the rc scripts.  If the latter, then the xinit/Xsession scripts.
I am using the Gnome interface in FC3.  I tried something last night 
that helped play back the 720 line progressive WMV files which was to 
log out and log in using a console.  That helped a lot.  Now, if I set 
the priority of the window and font servers and add some RAM, that may 
be just enough to play the 1080 line WMV files.  However, a bigger 
problem has cropped up which is that all the DVDs with WMV-HD use 
Microsoft's DRM (digital rights management)  The sample clips do not so 
they play fine - and look GORGEOUS on say a DLP projector.  There are 
two types of MS DRM: online and offline.  For titles like Terminator 2, 
it uses online DRM which means that before you can play the title, the 
player software has to message a DRM server via the Internet for 
permission.  Yes, this is very Big Brother and users just need to 
boycott those titles.  Fortunately, titles like all the IMAX ones are 
offline DRM which can get the info from the DVD itself.  The only 
problem as far as I know is that mplayer on Linux does not support DRM 
in any fashion.  If anyone has ideas on this, please let me know.  I am 
interested in watching legally purchased titles but on the platform of 
my choice.  Does this sound reminiscent of DECSS?  Yes it does.

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