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Tuning X window server for high definition

Robert La Ferla wrote:

> I am using the Gnome interface in FC3.  I tried something last night 
> that helped play back the 720 line progressive WMV files which was to 
> log out and log in using a console.  That helped a lot.  Now, if I set 
> the priority of the window and font servers and add some RAM, that may 
> be just enough to play the 1080 line WMV files.  However, a bigger 
> problem has cropped up which is that all the DVDs with WMV-HD use 
> Microsoft's DRM (digital rights management)  The sample clips do not 
> so they play fine - and look GORGEOUS on say a DLP projector.  There 
> are two types of MS DRM: online and offline.  For titles like 
> Terminator 2, it uses online DRM which means that before you can play 
> the title, the player software has to message a DRM server via the 
> Internet for permission.  Yes, this is very Big Brother and users just 
> need to boycott those titles.  Fortunately, titles like all the IMAX 
> ones are offline DRM which can get the info from the DVD itself.  The 
> only problem as far as I know is that mplayer on Linux does not 
> support DRM in any fashion.  If anyone has ideas on this, please let 
> me know.  I am interested in watching legally purchased titles but on 
> the platform of my choice.  Does this sound reminiscent of DECSS?  Yes 
> it does.

Isn't this the same stuff that DVD Jon just conquered?

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