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Slightly OT: Sharing files between people across the US.

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Ben Jackson wrote:

> I've been asked to develop a solution to the following problem for a
> small business I do off-and-on sysadmin work for. I'm curious if anyone on
> list has any suggestions.
> So, I submit to the list, what would you recomend in a situation such as
> this.
> His requirements are:
> * Able to be accessed by the frelancers, who have both dial up and
> broadband.
> * Keep it relatively up to date with their 'local' copy of the data,
> ideally keep it identical.
> My additional techie requirements are:
> * Cheap
> * Secure
> * Easy to maintain (I am the closest thing they have their to a geek)

Sounds like a great case for Subversion.

You can serve files through Apache, if you already have that set up, or 
use their dedicated svnserve daemon.  There are both CLI ang GUI clients 
for Windows, *NIX, and the Mac.  

Using a version control system means that not only is it easy to 
synchronize the master files to the shared repository, but also the 
freelancer's copies to the shared repository.

Or just use ftp.
> If you feel that this is a too OT, feel free to reply to me off list. TIA.

Not at all.

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