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Slightly OT: Sharing files between people across the US.

David Kramer wrote:

> [snip]
>Sounds like a great case for Subversion.
>You can serve files through Apache, if you already have that set up, or 
>use their dedicated svnserve daemon.  There are both CLI ang GUI clients 
>for Windows, *NIX, and the Mac.  
>Using a version control system means that not only is it easy to 
>synchronize the master files to the shared repository, but also the 
>freelancer's copies to the shared repository.
I would second David's opinion.  I just re-read about the SVN project, 
and have tried setting up Web-DAV before (with older versions of 
Apache).  Even though I have not used SVN, SVN is highly regarded (and 
started off as  project to improve on CVS).  I understand that Web-DAV 
support is more widespread and in recent 2.x Apache is also easier to setup.

 From my experience with CVS, it would serve you well.  And the windows 
client TortoiseCVS[1] is just excellent, with right-click context-menu 
integration into Windows Explorer.  This means that free-lancers who use 
tools like HomeSite (which hooks into Windows Explorer to show you a 
file-browser pane) are automatically integrated into CVS.  Of course if 
there is anyone using Linux, then Cervisia[2] is a CVS gui client that 
works very well.

SVN has TortoiseSVN [3]

To avoid headaches and hassles if you are the lone geek, you may want to 
check for Application service providers who offer CVS / SVN server 
hosting for a monthly fee, then all you have to do is setup the clients 
and do the training.  There is such a company here in NH, but I don't 
recall the name off the top of my head.


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