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Help with squid setup for Debian Linux

I am new to squid but pretty good with Debian Linux (Woody).   I'm trying
to set up a proxy for my WAP-enabled cell phone.   I performed an apt-get
install squid and read through the /etc/squid.conf file.   I found the
incoming port setting and changed it to 8080.   I think I found the
outgoing port setting - httpd_accel_port - and set it to 80 (where I want
traffic redirected).

My phone, an LG VX6100 through Verizon, does not allow the proxy port to
be changed and is fixed at 8080, thus the need for squid (or any other
easy way to redirect a port).

Have I configured squid correctly?  If I telnet into port 8080 from the
outside, I get a response, so I know my box is listening.   Only question
is, I guess, did I correctly configure the redirect/ougoing port?

If I can do port redirection in some other, simpler fashion, please
enlighten me.

Also, how can I secure it to prevent it from becoming an open proxy?  My
incoming logs show attempts were made from a dynamic IP pool, so I cannot
set a static limit.



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