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Help with squid setup for Debian Linux

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 11:41:56PM -0500, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> I am new to squid but pretty good with Debian Linux (Woody).   I'm trying
> to set up a proxy for my WAP-enabled cell phone.   I performed an apt-get
> install squid and read through the /etc/squid.conf file.   I found the
> incoming port setting and changed it to 8080.   I think I found the
> outgoing port setting - httpd_accel_port - and set it to 80 (where I want
> traffic redirected).
> My phone, an LG VX6100 through Verizon, does not allow the proxy port to
> be changed and is fixed at 8080, thus the need for squid (or any other
> easy way to redirect a port).
> Have I configured squid correctly?  If I telnet into port 8080 from the
> outside, I get a response, so I know my box is listening.   Only question
> is, I guess, did I correctly configure the redirect/ougoing port?

No, you misunderstood it.

httpd_accel_port is for when you are using Squid in a sort of
reverse proxy mode, where Squid takes requests and sends them 
to a specific group of servers. This is useful for load-sharing
web servers. It has nothing in particular to do with caching.

> Also, how can I secure it to prevent it from becoming an open proxy?  My
> incoming logs show attempts were made from a dynamic IP pool, so I cannot
> set a static limit.

If your phone supported ident, you could use that. I doubt it

If it's got some other method, you might write an authenticator
and have Squid use it via acl type proxy_auth. In general read
the Squid FAQ and the configuration manual for acls.


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