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Comcast and DVB

I'm trying to tune channels using DVB (digital video broadcast).  I'm 
not trying to capture video from an external tuner or such.  I can tune 
analog channels just fine using V4L but I am hoping that the 
DVB/QAM/ATSC drivers will allow me to tune unencrypted HDTV and digital 
channels from cable tv.  I have the utilities (czap/dvbscan) but they 
require some initial data to get started.  I don't even know if it's 
even possible to do this so I am also asking if anyone has done it 
first.  I'm also curious if this works with satellite (DVB-S?)?


David Backeberg wrote:

> I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm interested in your 
> setup.
> Are you just trying to watch a raw feed from the card, or are you 
> trying to capture the feed to a file? If the driver is working 
> properly, it should have grabbed control of a device with a name like 
> /dev/video0
> I haven't tried out the HD stuff. It might be encrypted? I don't know 
> if this
> applies to your tuner card, but for my regular TV Hauppauge card, it 
> needs to
> know:
> 1) the encoding of the television signal: PAL, NTSC, etc.
> 2) which frequency to tune to. The frequencies of channels vary by 
> country and cable vs. air. Usually you can find simple utilities that 
> will change channels for you. I have a very simple small utility 
> hard-coded for US-NTSC-cable that takes the channel number as an 
> argument and tunes the right frequency on the card.
> Did the HD3000 drivers come with a /utils directory? Check in there 
> and see if there's a tool for this purpose.

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