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OT: query on

> forgive me, but has gone off the air for good?

If you can read this, it's back.  Wouldn't surprise me if it did go
off the air for good the day after Jerry and I pay our bills some
month, but ... not yet.  Hopefully the move to lower rent space has
bought them time.

> no nameservice, no ping (host unreachable), no mx records...

How TowerStream can lose DNS (not just MX records but everything) is
astonishing.  Yes, it's the cut rate upstream provider they switched
to during Black September, not World themselves.  *sigh*

DNS is in-and-out-and-slow-to-refresh-cache even when everything
else is working ... and World requires reverse DNS to accept mail ...

As Jerry sort of said, if I didn't have redundant DSL, I'd have
had to have ditched it long since.  I'm nostalgic ...

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