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What's a good Java mailing list?

I'm working on a Java program for Agile Rules, and am completely hung up on 
this one thing that I can't get working.  What's a good mailing list to post 
questions like that on?

Short version, for the curious: I'm trying to write a Java program that 
works like GNU expect to hold a conversation with a program, sending it 
input and reading its output.  When I try to use my program to talk to a 
program like "bc", it works great.  I can send bc formulas and it returns 
the answer.  When I try to use it on my own C program, it sends the input to 
my program, but then just hangs waiting for input.  I made a simplified 
version of my program that just echoes back the input, and even that doesn't 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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