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What's a good Java mailing list?

>Message: 5
>Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 01:02:26 -0400
>From: David Kramer <david at>
>Subject: What's a good Java mailing list?
>To: discuss at
>Message-ID: <4302C4E2.4080306 at>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
>I'm working on a Java program for Agile Rules, and am completely hung up on 
>this one thing that I can't get working.  What's a good mailing list to post 
>questions like that on?
>Short version, for the curious: I'm trying to write a Java program that 
>works like GNU expect to hold a conversation with a program, sending it 
>input and reading its output.  When I try to use my program to talk to a 
>program like "bc", it works great.  I can send bc formulas and it returns 
>the answer.  When I try to use it on my own C program, it sends the input to 
>my program, but then just hangs waiting for input.  I made a simplified 
>version of my program that just echoes back the input, and even that doesn't 

This is the sort of thing I would post to usenet. I like or
or . Mostly the same people in all three and some real bright minds too.
That said, I have seen something similar in my expereince. Not sure if this will help but
when trying to wrap the manual password input of commandline ssh I just couldn't get it to work.
Apparently the difference is that some programs like ssh(maybe yours too?) do not read from stdin but, rather, "the terminal". Now, my system programming experience is limited so I am not quite sure what "reading from the terminal means". Does that mean that it uses something like ncurses to read input? If so, how is that different than just reading stdin besides just wrapping it in someway? If soneoen could care to explain it to me that would be cool. Always sort of wondered.......

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