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Mail relaying

> Comcast has blocked port 25 (again), and while I wait on the Speakeasy
> installation, I'm in need of some port translation.


"MailHop Relay allows you to relay incoming mail to a mail server on  
a non-standard port. This is quite useful for those who want to run a  
mail server but are stuck with an ISP that blocks port 25, the  
standard mail port. Two globally redundant mail servers will handle  
mail for your domain, ensuring that it will be received all the time  
and delivered when you are online. All incoming mail can be passed  
through virus filtering and/or spam scanning to help reduce the load  
that your mail server has to deal with."

i use dyndns for secondary dns and backup mx for a couple of domains.  
no problems to report.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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