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AIX Compiler Version

> I am running AIX 5.2 and need to find out the AIX Compiler Version running.

> Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a good way to do that. 
> The best way seems to be to check the installed software list.
> In particular, I used lslpp -L | grep   <some text>

Yes, that's pretty much the best way.  You can also do the grep in
the lslpp with -h or -l flags instead:

                lslpp -h "*vac*"
                lslpp -h "*vacpp*"  # for CPP
but also check for xlC too ...
                lslpp -h "xlC*"  # for the other C compiler
		lslpp -l xlC*
(you have to quote the pattern iff it matches something in local
directory ... :-)
Max version # for the key filesets does it.
Filesets are things like xlC.C and vac.C, and vac.C vac.lic vacpp.cmp
vacpp.lic xlC.adt.include xlopt.aix* xlopt.lib xlopt.rte
xlsmp.aix*.rte xlsmp.rte

> any other suggestions?

> Are there any other good forums for AIX out there?

Yes, althouh I can't remember where I found them off-hand -- I found
'em with Google.

IBM has lots of useful info on AIX tools, google or use
IBM's search.

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