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AIX Compiler Version


Generally good advice as always, but good general Unix advice doesn't
always apply to AIX. Your answer will likely not help for the AIX host
he's dealing with.

> Did you try using -v or -V?

I suspect he tried that first and found it doesn't help on AIX.
That would be too easy, I suspect if that worked I'd have been using
it for 5 years.  (I'll try it again tomorrow and be annoyed if it works! :-)

> Also note that you are dealing with 3 or 4 different pieces of software:

On AIX, the confusion is different.

IBM used to packages two divergent C compilers, XL C for AIX and Visual
Age C for AIX, with matching C++ versions. Now all is one, and the VA
environment is an add-on, but it's still a couple of licensed program

> 1. The compiler driver (This is the cc command it calls the other steps)
> 2. The pre-processor - may be integrated with the front end.
> 3. The front end. This is the lexer/parser. It produces a parse tree.
> 4. The back end. This generates the object code or assembly code to pass to 

At this point, I think VAC, VACPP, XLC, and the C++ version of XLC
whose name I forget all use the same FE & BE and only have
divergenent drivers & licenses.

> Take a look in /usr/ccs/lib/cmplrs

Not on an AIX you won't !  They're in /usr/lpp/, with symbolic links in
/usr/bin and /usr/lib.

But the aix lslpp command is the master repository of version
numbers, it will cough up the patch level of the libraries even.

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