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COX blocking own users outbound email

>From  the article:

``However after extensive tests of their service, it has been
demonstrated repeatedly that legitimate personal email messages are
being stopped.''

What tests?  Where are the results?  The hard data would make my
outrage much more founded on what may (or may not) be really


On 9/3/06, Jeff Kinz <jkinz at> wrote:
> A few years ago there were heated discussion about whether or not ISP's
> should be blocking SMTP traffic (port 25) from dynamically assigned IP
> addresses.
> Long time internet users viewed port 25 traffic as part of the inherent
> bundle of services and "internet connection" provided by any ISP should
> include.
> Those who worked at ISP claimed it was just the same thing a pizza
> delivery car that won't deliver to some neighborhoods because its too
> dangerous.
> Internet traditionalists responded that many innocent parties were being
> harmed by these actions.
> ISP techs responded "well its only a few geeks that actually want to us
> their own outbound SMTP on port 25"  (When they took the Jews  away I
> kept quiet because I wasn't a Jew, when they took the teachers away I
> kept quiet because I wasn't a teacher...)
> Internet traditionalists responded that the fundamental nature of this
> action harmed the internet because it acted as and allowed ISP's to
> enforce censorship. (Network information theory on the value of
> networks confirms this by the way).
> Today the damage has taken another significant step forward:
> The cox network is deleting their own customers legitimate outgoing email,
> routed over Cox' own mail routers..
> And isn't even telling them when they do it.
> This is one more brick in the wall.
> --
> Jeff Kinz, Emergent Research, Hudson, MA.
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