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Comcast, Firefox, google, youtube

Matthew Valites wrote:
>> Maybe it's just my attitude, but I won't put up with they're attitudes
>> or their policies of dealing with Tech Level 1.  In cases like this
>> where they are having a network wide problem and I'm trying to help them
>> I've always been escalated to the network team.  I also don't waste my
>> time trying to explain to them what I've found out, I make it very clear
>> that they are wasting everyone's time by not putting me in touch with
>> who they need to.
> Have you thought about from the tech's level?  Think of how many people 
> claim to know what they're talking about and ask to get escalated to the 
> next level of support.  Most of the first tier support procedures are so 
> simple that if you actually follow them, it won't take more than 5 minutes.
> I've had support escalate problems to me because the client claimed they 
> knew what they were talking about when in fact they didn't, and our 
> first or second line of support could have solved their problem easily.  
> This actually just happened earlier this week.
> Tech Level 1 isn't meant to do anything more than filter out 95% of the 
> problems that people encounter.
> ~Matt

It might not work well for a consumer product like Comcast internet 
services, because no one customer would ever have enough history to make 
it useful. But in another context, Novell got this one right years ago.

The way it worked... when you called their support number, you had to 
provide an ID number that they gave you the first time you used Novell 
support. They tracked the history of your support calls, and connected 
you to various levels of support depending on your history -- if they 
knew that you never called them with stupid questions, they 
automatically escalated your calls, so you never had to fight your way 
through level 1 support ever again.

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