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Knoppix and dd limitations

Scott R Ehrlich wrote:
> I've successfully mounted a Windows share on a Knoppix DVD boot for a dual-boot
> hard drive I want to image.   During the imaging process, dd keeps producing a
> file size limitation when hitting the 2.097G mark.   I'm using the basic dd
> if=/dev/sda of=/mount_point
> ...
> Would cpio be better?   If so, what would be the recommended command line?

Well, you could try the "seek+skip" options to dd to try and get it pick up
where it left off.

But for a nice backup solution, check out Mondo Rescue ( ).  It does all the things you want out of a
backup system (instead of one huge tar file it breaks it down into
manageable chunks, it builds burnable and bootable CD/DVD images for
restoring a system, etc.

It has support for backing up windows systems too, although it will treat
NTFS partitions as one big file (you're on your own to figure out how
exactly it does that though).


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