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Knoppix and dd limitations

Quoting dsr at

> On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 10:40:37AM -0400, Scott R Ehrlich wrote:
>> I downloaded the newest (5.0.1) version of Knoppix live on DVD.
>> I've successfully mounted a Windows share on a Knoppix DVD boot for 
>> a dual-boot
>> hard drive I want to image.   During the imaging process, dd keeps 
>> producing a
>> file size limitation when hitting the 2.097G mark.   I'm using the basic dd
>> if=/dev/sda of=/mount_point
> So -- you've booted from a Knoppix live disk, mounted a Windows
> volume, and now you're trying to copy... the local hard disk to
> the Windows machine?

Sorry for the confusion - the destination is _another_ Windows machine.

>> Windows XP was installed with NTFS, and Linux is RHEL4 with default options.
>> How do I get around the file size limitation?
>> Would cpio be better?   If so, what would be the recommended command line?
> That's probably not a dd limitation, but a filesystem
> limitation. It may be a Samba issue.

So a local limitation of Samba on the Knoppix DVD?   If so, maybe disk imaging
beyond 2 Gig won't work using Knoppix :-(

> -dsr-

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