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Oracle respins Red Hat (sort of)...

On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 09:01:57AM -0500, Matt Shields wrote:
> Cobalt servers from Cobalt Networks was a great product, until Sun
> bought them and killed the product.  They made it really easy to
> implement linux in small offices.  I used quite a few of their servers
> when I consulted.  I know at least one place is still using a Cobalt
> Qube to this day and it works great for their firewall, mail server and
> intranet.  And it cost a lot less than paying the M$ tax.

Yeah, had several in the field quite a while ago. The only problem they had
was that they consistently overheated. At least some of the (Qube) models
did - you had to put them on their side IIRC to keep them running.


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