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Mac SMB mount query

On 11/16/06, Scott R Ehrlich <scott at> wrote:
> What is the equivalent command-line syntax OS 10 uses when selecting Connect To
> Server to access an SMB share on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server/domain
> controller which is part of an Active Directory domain?

I'm confused.. are you trying to do command-line mounting on OS X?

> My goal is to migrate that syntax to the Redhat Fedora and Enterprise worlds.
> I've tried LinNeighborhood, and it can see some shared folders, but not all.
> My Windows XP machine sees them fine, as does my Mac.
> So something in the smbclient/mount syntax is wrong, and I've tried many
> variations using mount -t smbfs and smbclient.

One of these (depending on the distro.. some seem to have phased out
smbmount) should work:
# smbmount //servername/share /mount/point -o username
# mount -t smbfs -o username //servername/share /mount/point

> I know the domain needs to be in there somewhere, too.

No. Well, you *might* need to specify the username in the
"DOMAIN\username" format, but 99% of the time the server is happy with
the username alone.

Andrew Medico <a.medico at>

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