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rss clients

> On Sat, Apr 07, 2007 at 11:19:56AM -0400, Stephen Adler wrote:
> > Any suggestions on rss clients for linux?
> Liferea, any of several plugins for Firefox, and Google's
> Reader.

I'm fairly happy with Lifrea.

+ Does one thing well, launches to browser easily for those feeds you
can't read in a feed-reader.
+ Virtual Folders are standing query over all subscribed feeds, e.g.,
"Embattled", "Perl", "Modest Proposal".
+ Besides URLs, feeds may be output of a commandline or a local file.
+ It's for Linux first last and only.

- Since not a plugin, auto-sub from FireFox not handled (that I know of )
- 0.9.6 takes a while to start if you have a big subscription list,
and takes a while to clean up after adds/delete/move, which suggests
it needs a data structure improvement. [I should check if there's an
update ...]
- Internal HTML renderer can hang/crash if viewing full pages in
Lifrea. (I never do.)

Alternative -- RSSOwl is Java based, so will run anywhere, even you-know-where..

n1vux at bill.n1vux at

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