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Python heaven...

for python development, eclipse+pydev seem to be quite good. eclipse 
provides you with member function tab completion which is nice. I've 
never done any major python work, so I may be disswayed  once I have 
many modules and lots of .py files composing my project. But for now, 
it's gotten me going quite nicely.

Cheers. Steve.

Jonathan Arnold wrote:
> Stephen Adler wrote:
>> How many BLU'ers use IDE's like eclipse or just keep hacking code with
>> emacs, (or vi?) issuing make commands in a separate terminal window or
>> with the emacs internal compile command? I'm just wondering just how
>> behind the times I am...
> Call me an "old dog" if you will, but I still do nearly all my coding via
> Emacs.  I've been using it for 20 years and I assume 20 years from now I'll
> still be using it:-) Even on Windows, I much prefer Emacs to "Visual" Studio.
> As mentioned, emacs lets me keep my hands on the keyboard, and I know it will
> be around on any platform I use.  Esp. given I write on Linux, BSD and Windows,
> without it, I'd be lost.
> That being said, I do keep looking at IDEs.  I found Eclipse, at least for C++
> programming a year or so ago, to be clumsy at best.  For instance, it insisted
> on adding every file in a folder to a project, which is silly. I have installed,
> but not yet tried, KDevelop.  I uses Komodo for a bit, for php & python programming,
> and liked it, but not enough to jump in completely and pay for it.

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