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Debian/Ubuntu summary

I worked for a small company that is 'Microsoft Free'.  They were using
Mandriva and after my good experience with Ubuntu for a desktop, converted.
They also started using Ubuntu server edition (same OS, sans lots of gui
stuff) for their servers they deploy at customer sites.

Not that there is anything wrong with others, these just worked well for us!

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I'd like to thank everyone who offered their valuable insights.

The consensus is most people use Debian for server use and Ubuntu for

I happened to have a copy of Ubuntu 6.10 on CD and installed it flawlessly 
on my home system alongside Win XP Home.   After apt-get update and 
apt-get upgrade, I found I had a conflict, which synaptic helped to easily 
resolve.    I then selected a software menu item which gave me to option 
to perform a full upgrade, which I selected.  Haven't been home since to
check on that.

But, with the initial install done, my FAT and NTFS partitions were 
readily mounted and viewable.   I also had easy mounts of a CF card and 
Sony memory stick.

Very nice.

I do recommend Ubuntu.   I've gone through Fedora 5 and 6, along with 
CentOS 4.4 and 5.   With each of those, I've had conflicts of one kind or 
another which were incredibly painful to try and resolve.   Synaptic deal 
magical wonders.

Kudos to the Ubuntu team.

We'll see how the 7.04 upgrade turns out tonight...

Again, thanks to all.


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