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Upcoming Installfest

Hi, Samuel.

The room we hold the Installfest in has enough table space to set up
about 10 typical desktop systems comfortably.  Laptops generally take
less space, so we can squeeze in more systems if a lot of them are

The number of attendees varies. Sometimes there are only two or
three attendees all day, and sometimes we're pretty crowded all
day. There's really no way to predict it in advance.

I've never touched an Xbox, I have no idea what would be involved
in installing Linux on one. Maybe someone else on the list has, though.

On 4/29/07, Samuel Baldwin <shardz4217 at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> There's an installfest on the 29th (as you probably know). I'm new
> to BLU and don't know much about the fests. How many people
> generally show up? And how many computers is it appropriate to bring?
> More specifically, I have an Xbox (v1.0), which I hardly use for gaming
> anymore. I'm interested in putting linux on it (Xbox-Linux, then GentooX).
> I'd prefer to do the software install (I _do_ play games occasionally, but
> it's ok if I need to go all-linux on it). The problem lies in getting
> Xbox-Linux
> on it initially. Both my flash drives are on the "Drives that don't work"
> list,
> and I don't own an old copy of MechAssault. Now, I can go get these myself,
> but it's easier if anyone going owns a copy of MechAssault & a compatible
> flash drive (maybe someone that's done this before), and wouldn't mind me
> using them for a day.
> So, if anyone has these tools and is going to the installfest, and doesn't
> mind helping me out a little, give me a shout.
> Thanks,
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> Samuel (shardz)
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