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Upcoming Installfest

Thanks, I'm reading up on softmod right now.

I haven't used Xbox Live. I haven't messed with linux
on it yet either. Been waiting for a good time.

I'd be bringing 3 boxes, max. But I could just swap
out the boxen with the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
(A manual-KVM switch ;D ). I can bring just the Xbox if that
would be more polite. If I bring the xbox, would I need to bring
a TV as well? (I have a small portable one).

Kristian: I'd love your help. Much better than me muddling through
it all. I'd probably fry something. But it seems like I would need one
of those 3 games listed, or somehow get the Xbox to mishandle
a audio file. But, if you say you know what to do, I'm for it.

I would be bringing with the Xbox: 2 USB to Xbox adapters,
a USB mouse + USB Keyboard, a GentooX install CD (or whatever
the reccomended distro is), and a monitor/TV, and all the cables.
Would I need anything else?

Samuel (shardz)

Shardz's Igloo:

Registered Linux User #410639

  Version: 3.12
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