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I really prefer Linux over everything else

 A relative of mine just got a band new MacPro dual quad core Xeon 
system. (8 cpu cores!) Talk about spending some money on a system, WOW! 
Its really sweet. Looks great, really fast. I recently (a few months 
ago) got a pretty good system, a dual core AMD64 box with 4G memory. Of 
course there's the inevitable friendly competition of who's got the 
better machine, and obviously, he's got much better hardware. 

Then I started thinking, I don't want a Mac. I really don't. I don't 
want Windows either. All too often there seems to be an impression that 
Linux user's are envious of the other environments and secretly wish 
they had one of them. 

As environments go, I really really like Linux best. Windows and Mac 
users like to bash X11 a lot, but if you look closely at X11, and what 
you can do with it, you'll be amazed by it. I really like the fact that 
by various means, I can display an applications window on any machine I 

The covetous nature of software in the Mac and Windows world is 
something I really do not miss. Thinking of software in terms of 
possession instead of ability has become so foreign to me, I forget that 
there are people who will pay for the latest version of Windows, MS 
Office, or what ever, just to have the latest and not necessarily need 
it. Its a great business if you can get it, I guess. 

lastly: ability. I think Mac, Windows, and Linux (Kubunto at least) are 
all on pretty much the same level when it comes to usability, but Linux 
really allows you to customize how it works far more than either Windows 
or Mac making it more usable to you. 

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