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Re: I really prefer Linux over everything else

 Wow, something we both agree on! 

XWindows is indeed powerful and nice. I can launch a destop remotely   
without very much ado -- just execute "startkde"! :-) Or I can run   
indivudal gui apps remotely as well. 

For some things you are definitely going to need the bandwidth though. I   
once ran KDE remotely on my multi-monitor system and was quite surprised   
(both delight and horror) to see a desktop bar appear on each monitor.   
That sort of thing demands serious bandwidth! :-) 

I've recently switched to Ubuntu after using Fedora for years. I was also   
delighted to see that many of the codecs and drivers I had to download   
seperately and install and tweak by hand was simply available through   
Ubuntu's apt-get. 

On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:05:13 -0500, Mark Woodward <[hidden email]>   

> The covetous nature of software in the Mac and Windows world is   
> something I really do not miss. Thinking of software in terms of   
> possession instead of ability has become so foreign to me, I forget that   
> there are people who will pay for the latest version of Windows, MS   
> Office, or what ever, just to have the latest and not necessarily need   
> it. Its a great business if you can get it, I guess. 

With a house-full of computers at home, I am quite leery of having to pay   
for each install of Windows, MS Office, and what not! OpenOffice does most   
of the *useful* things MS Offices does for a tiny fraction of the price!   

> lastly: ability. I think Mac, Windows, and Linux (Kubunto at least) are   
> all on pretty much the same level when it comes to usability, but Linux   
> really allows you to customize how it works far more than either Windows   
> or Mac making it more usable to you. 

For us geeks, that's easy for us to say. Most "normal" users wouldn't care   
to customize their systems as much as we do. They just want it to work and   
go away. For many computer users out there, just installing software or   
copying a file is a frightful thing to do; stuff we take for granted. 

But I would agree that Linux -- at least the Ubuntu flavor -- does nicely   
approach the usability of Mac and Windows for your average bear. 


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