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Re: editor wars! vim vs. emacs. WIMPY vs. fullscreen.

 On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 09:16:21AM -0500, [hidden email] wrote: 
> The arcane command set of emacs and vi are very rewarding to those that 
> use it day in and day out. I can edit any number of files, quickly, switch 
> between them, substitute text, find, etc. all without my hands leaving the 
> keyboard and without having to de-focus on what I'm doing and focus on the 
> "user interface." 

I think it's also worth pointing out that learning one or the other 
(or both) has side benefits throughout the unix world... many other 
tools use key bindings that mimic those of vi and emacs.  Most modern 
shells have command-line editing modes that allow you to choose key 
bindings of one or the other (e.g. set -o vi or set -o emacs in bash, 
"POSIX shell", etc.).  Pagers like less and some newer versions of 
more use vi-like key mappings to move through files, search for 
regular expressions, etc.  Even Firefox lets you type a '/' to start a 
search (assuming the focus is not currently on a text input box)... 

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