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Re: Samba and web pages

    From: John Chambers <[hidden email]> 
   Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 03:56:34 

   Robert Krawitz commented: 
   |    Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 22:21:37 -0500 
   |    From: "John Abreau" <[hidden email]> 
   |    This isn't handled in the browser at all. Apache has a 
   |    user-overridable function for listing a directory, and its default 
   |    function for listing a directory happens to look for a sequence of 
   |    files such as index.html, and if it finds one of these, it returns 
   |    it; otherwise it generates a directory listing. 
   |    In the absence of apache, or other http-server software that 
   |    implements the same behavior, you simply won't get this behavior. 
   | A browser could certainly emulate the behavior when browsing a local 
   | directory. 

   Yeah, but which ones do? Actually, I spent a few minutes testing on 
   a handy machine with a dozen browsers installed, and the browsers 
   that I tried all produced some sort of listing of directories.  The 
   data generally looks like a reformatted "ls -al" listing.  A few of 
   them popped up a file-manager type window to show the directory 
   contents.  This was a bit of a hassle, since I couldn't just click 
   on a text file's name and have the browser show me the contents. 
   Anyway, I think I'd prefer this behavior to the browser emulating 
   an apache listing, which isn't as good as ls's output. 

I'm not aware of any browsers that *currently* implement this behavior 
-- I was just pointing out that there's nothing in principle 
preventing a browser from doing so.  Writing a Firefox extension to do 
this would probably be a simple matter for someone who knows how to 
write Firefox extensions. 

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