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Boston Scalability User Group - March 26 Meeting Announcement

 *Hi everyone,* 

I'd like to let everyone know about a little project that I've been working 
on in my spare time. Over the last few years I've seen software developers 
in the industry struggle with building software applications that are 
capable to scaling up to support millions of users. There is a lack of 
ongoing professional discussion about new technologies that make building a 
scalable application easier and best practices to address design concerns. 

In order to address this need I have recently started the Boston Scalability 
User Group. BostonSUG is a group dedicated to discussing current and 
emerging trends in creating applications that can support hundreds of users 
and then add capacity as required to handle millions of 
users/processes/files/whatever. The topics covered in the monthly meetings 
will not be limited to one platform or one technology stack. Instead we'll 
have speakers come talk about different database concerns, application 
server topologies, software design patterns that enable scalable growth, 
caching strategies, data grids and more. 

BostonSUG will meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. The 
meetings will be held at the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham, MA (404 Wyman 
St.) The agenda for each meeting will include a brief period of networking, 
a formal presentation by an industry expert, then a Q&A session with more 
networking at the conclusion. Presentations will be very technical and the 
speakers will all be software developers or someone deeply involved in 
software development. 

*Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday March 26 at 6 p.m. at the IBM 
Innovation Center in Waltham, MA.  Patrick Peralta from Oracle will present: 

*Orchestrating Messaging, Data Grid and Database for Scalable Performance 
*Recent years have seen a surge in the number of tools available for 
building high-scale systems. In the areas of messaging, data grids and 
databases, many products combine high availability and horizontal 
"scale-out" across multiple machines. The overlap between these approaches, 
and the number of possible combinations, raises these questions â?? "How do I 
know which combination of technologies to use?" and "How do these 
technologies work together?" 

This presentation compares and contrasts these options, identifying where 
each technology fits, doesn't fit, and even when to use a technology that's 
not the best fit. We will further explore how to integrate these components 
while understanding the tradeoffs between performance, scalability and 

Patrick Peralta is a Software Engineer for Oracle, specializing in 
Coherence. Patrick's software development experience includes implementing 
Java/J2EE middle tier solutions, web applications, system integrations, and 
Swing desktop clients. Prior to joining Oracle, Patrick was a Senior 
Developer at Symantec, working on J2EE and integration systems. He enjoys 
mentoring others on technology, and he especially enjoys participating in 
Open Source. Patrick has a BS in computer science from Stetson University in 

*Important Note: There will be pizza at this meeting!* 

Please visit to register for the meeting and sign 
up for the regular announcement list.  Also, please forward this on to 
anyone else that you think may be interested! 
Thanks again! 


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