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RE: Linux ready for the home desktop?

 > It's not ready for people who do not know what they're 
> getting into, linux is NOT windows and to presume that it's 
> just a better version of windows is foolish. The proposition 
> when installing desktop linux for home users is very 
> important since it will reflect what value people believe 
> they will get out of it and what advantages they will take from it. 
> For instance a lot of the people that I see at the South End 
> Technoledgy Center are towards the poorer end of the economy; 
> to them the idea that you can get the operating system for 
> free is not important since windows comes for "free" on all 
> PCs. No what excites them is being able to arbitrarily choose 
> a new application, download it and use it without paying 
> anything. with no virus checker or spamware to pay for and 
> the general advice that buying software at a store isn't 
> going to work it prepares people for what they need to 
> account for and provides a happier linux user. 
> Best Regards, Martin Owens 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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