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Re: Getting rid of land line?

 >>>>> "John" == John Chambers <[hidden email]> writes: 

    John> My wife (Shelley) and I have been thinking of getting rid of 
    John> our land line, and are looking for pro/con arguments and 
    John> ideas. It's the usual "We have cell phones; why keep 
    John> spending the money?" thing. 

I gave up the land line the last time Verizon wanted to put me under 
house arrest for a week while they didn't bother fixing it.  I haven't 
missed it. 

    John> One obvious answer is "911".   

I have called 911 twice, both times in Cambridge.  It seemed to work. 
Whether it would work equally well if I called it from a highway 
somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I wasn't quite sure what town I 
was in, I don't know, but I wouldn't have a landline in that 

    John> There's also the usual hassle of getting friends switched 
    John> over to the cell numbers (which in my experience they don't 
    John> do until the old number goes away). 

As a single person, I just moved the landline number to the cell 
phone.  I realize that married people can only do that with one cell 

    John> And doing this with all the companies that feel they have 
    John> the right to ignore the Do-Not-Call list because we once did 
    John> business with them is another hassle.  It is nice to know 
    John> that they'll just leave a message at home rather than 
    John> interrupting us when we're out doing something because we've 
    John> never given them our cell numbers. 

I originally got the same amount of junk phone calls I'd had on the 
landline; after more than two years, it's down to almost zero. 

    John> So any ideas?  Should we just shrug and scrap the land line? 

I recommend it.  But of course the decision is different if you live 
somewhere where Verizon keeps the land line working better than it 
does in my neighborhood. 

Laura   (mailto:[hidden email] ) 
(617) 661-8097 233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139   

Strong hope is a much greater stimulant of life than any realized joy 
could be. 


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