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HDHomeRun and Comcast

 I recently acquired a used Silicondust HDHomeRun for use with MythTV, 
and am doing a basic check out of its functionality with the config 
utility Silicondust supplies for Windows and VLC. 

Has anyone set up an HDHR for use with Comcast that gets their signal 
from the Newton/Needham head end? 

Silicondust supplies 3 config utilities for Windows that seem to have 
overlapping functionality. Something called "HDHomeRun Setup" runs 
post-install. It finds the two tuners on the HDHR, I select "Digital 
Cable" as the source, and "Custom" as the application, then go to the 
"Lineup" tab, click the "Edit" button, and click "Scan" in the channel 
editor. It finds no programs. 

Using the "HDHomeRun Config" application, it again finds the two tuners. 
Following the directions on the Silicondust web site, I select "qam" for 
the "Channel" and start a scan. It reports a signal strength from about 
80% down to 50%...dropping off as the numbers go up. But it finds nothing. 

A repeat scan using "qam-hrc" (I know my system uses HRC for analog 
signals) finds channel 45, with 3 encrypted subchannels. It shows a 
signal strength of 73% (in red), 74% signal quality, and 100% symbol 
quality. And channel 96, also with 3 encrypted subchannels, and 93% 
signal quality. (Running VLC on one of these channels shows the VLC 
toolbar, but no video. I assume that's expected for an encrypted channel.) 

While scanning signal strength is all over the place, but typically 
below 70%. I see the troubleshooting guide says to make sure that the 
"signal strength is above 80% minimum (90% recommended)." 

My analog signal has degraded appreciably over the years, and I've added 
a distribution amp to compensate (an amp purchased from Comcast, and 
thus supposedly of adequate quality and specifications for digital 
cable). I had assumed this was just Comcast letting the analog plant 
fall into disrepair as they pushed customers to digital, but it could be 
the tap for my drop has gone defective. I've scheduled a service visit. 

I'm curious to hear what signal levels other HDHR users typical see. 


Tom Metro 
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA 
"Enterprise solutions through open source." 
Professional Profile:

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