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Re: HDHomeRun and Comcast

 On Wed, 28 May 2008, Tom Metro wrote: 

> I recently acquired a used Silicondust HDHomeRun for use with MythTV, and am 
> doing a basic check out of its functionality with the config utility 
> Silicondust supplies for Windows and VLC. 

I use Linux and a python script from

I also very much recommend you upgrade the firmware to the latest, though 
I _think_ Silicondust includes that ability in its setup program. 

> Has anyone set up an HDHR for use with Comcast that gets their signal from 
> the Newton/Needham head end? 

I'm in Somerville.   When I moved here around 2001 and had a cable modem 
installed, the tech ended up replacing the coax from the pole to 
higher-grade stuff.   The same grade was put in place where I have the 
hdhr now.   The signal is split a few times anyway, but the hdhr shows 
great strength and several choices.  I have either 8vsb or qam. 

> Silicondust supplies 3 config utilities for Windows that seem to have 
> overlapping functionality. Something called "HDHomeRun Setup" runs 
> post-install. It finds the two tuners on the HDHR, I select "Digital Cable" 
> as the source, and "Custom" as the application, then go to the "Lineup" tab, 
> click the "Edit" button, and click "Scan" in the channel editor. It finds no 
> programs. 
> Using the "HDHomeRun Config" application, it again finds the two tuners. 
> Following the directions on the Silicondust web site, I select "qam" for the 
> "Channel" and start a scan. It reports a signal strength from about 80% down 
> to 50%...dropping off as the numbers go up. But it finds nothing. 
> A repeat scan using "qam-hrc" (I know my system uses HRC for analog signals) 
> finds channel 45, with 3 encrypted subchannels. It shows a signal strength of 
> 73% (in red), 74% signal quality, and 100% symbol quality. And channel 96, 
> also with 3 encrypted subchannels, and 93% signal quality. (Running VLC on 
> one of these channels shows the VLC toolbar, but no video. I assume that's 
> expected for an encrypted channel.) 
> While scanning signal strength is all over the place, but typically below 
> 70%. I see the troubleshooting guide says to make sure that the "signal 
> strength is above 80% minimum (90% recommended)." 
> My analog signal has degraded appreciably over the years, and I've added a 
> distribution amp to compensate (an amp purchased from Comcast, and thus 
> supposedly of adequate quality and specifications for digital cable). I had 
> assumed this was just Comcast letting the analog plant fall into disrepair as 
> they pushed customers to digital, but it could be the tap for my drop has 
> gone defective. I've scheduled a service visit. 
> I'm curious to hear what signal levels other HDHR users typical see. 

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