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Web Hosting Suggestions

Hi All,

I realize it's been a while since I started this thread, but 
thought that I would post a follow up in case anyone else in 
the BLU is looking for web hosting services.

I decided to use fellow BLU member Matt Shields company, 
BeanTownHost for my web hosting requirements. They are located 
right here in Massachusetts (Quincy to be exact). Here's a 
link to their web site:

I can't say enough good things about my experience so far with 
Matt & BeanTownHost! Matt has gone above and beyond the call 
of duty (so to speak) to help make sure that my business site 
was up and running in no time, and to make sure I am a 
satisfied and informed customer. Personal service like this is 
a rare thing these days.

BeanTownHost offers VERY competitive pricing and superior web 
hosting. I've been with them since the end of October and 
couldn't be happier. I've already recommended them to one of 
my clients and will continue to do so.

I also appreciate the fact that I'm re-investing into our 
local economy by using Matt's company. That's something I've 
tried to do since founding my own business back in the 1980's. 
Keep it local if at all possible.

I highly recommend BeanTownHost to anyone looking for web 
hosting either for your business or personal use.

Thanks again to everyone that responded to my request. I'd be 
happy to talk with anyone regarding my experience with 
BeanTownHost web hosting.


Mike wrote:
> Brendan Kidwell wrote:
>> darose wrote:
>>> I've had good luck with Dreamhost.  Generous amounts of storage and 
>>> bandwidth, reliable service, and very reasonable prices.
>> I enthusiastically second the vote for Dreamhost. I've been hosting my
>> personal web site ( there since 2005. (Seems like it's been
>> longer, but that's what the control panel reports.) My experience with them
>> so far has been relatively trouble-free.
>> * Generous bandwidth and disk space quotas.
>> * Unix, LAMP-based hosting. No JSP, no ASP, no Windows. Includes PHP,
>> python, perl, ruby (+rails), and you can compile C/C++ CGI scripts.
>> * Cheap!
>> * Transparent datacenter policies and operations -- read their blogs and
>> sign up for problem alerts.
>> * Extensive employee and customer-maintained help wiki.
>> * Apparently happy employees.
>> * Excellent included tools: home-grown Control Panel that's better than
>> anything else I've ever seen; wizard-based installation of several popular
>> LAMP-based apps.
> Thanks very much everyone for all the suggestions. I'll be 
> checking into them over the next few days.
> Mike

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