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open source clause for employment contract?

On 12/11/2008 12:10 PM, David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> I'm looking at one of those employment contracts that are increasingly
> popular these days, where the employer claims ownership of any
> "inventions" you create.  I participate in a lot of open source
> projects, though, and would like to add some wording to the contract to=

> make sure that my ability to work on open source is protected by doing
> things like exempting my open source work from employer ownership
> (assuming of course that I don't use any of their proprietary code,
> don't work on something that competes with one of their products, etc.)=

> Anyone know if there's any standard legalese floating around the FOSS
> community that I could use as a starting point for this?  (My lawyer's
> reasonably tech-savvy, but not totally up on FOSS issues, so I'd like t=
> give him a something to start from.)  I'm sure I can't be the only one
> who's needed something like this.
>  =20
Digital used to have clauses like that, but many employees were involved =

with outside projects, including FOSS, such as X. The basic issue is=20
that get something in writing that gives you permission to do this.=20

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