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MediaWiki presentation

Interested in MediaWiki, and how you can use it in production?

I'm going to be presenting at the BostonPHP user group meeting in
January (Wed, Jan 14th 6:30PM)

My presentation is in __rough__ draft form at  The site
accepts OpenID registrations so if you've got an account with AOL,
Yahoo! etc. you can login and leave comments on the Talk page

Or, reply to this email thread.

I'd like to get input from anyone interested in such a presentation
about what your interests are.  You can shape the presentation.

* Do you want to know how to use MW - either standalone, or as a wikipedian?
* Do you want to know more about how the system works, including how
to theme it?
* Do you want to know how to configure/administer it in certain ways -
meaning what extensions do you need to do X?
* Do you want to know what extensions are, and how you can develop
your own custom functionality in MW?
* Do you want to hear about what's going on in the MW community and
new developments such as semantic mediawiki?

If planning to attend the talk, please RSVP,com_gigcal/task,details/gigcal_gigs_id,65/Itemid,42/

O'Reilly has published a new book on MediaWiki, by local author Daniel Barrett.

We've been in touch with O'Reilly and will try to get some promotional
materials.  Since the author is local, we may even be able to setup a
meet/greet at the event.

I'm hoping that we'll get a big turnout so please spread the word.
For those who can't make it, we also intend to post a video.

Best regards,

Greg Rundlett
Web Developer - Initiative in Innovative Computing
m. 978-764-4424
o. 978-225-8302
skype/aim/irc/twitter freephile

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