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yet another day in fedora land...

Although I upgraded from Fedora 9 to Fedora 10, I did the upgrade to see =

how stable it would be as I normally preach full installs. In my case,=20
no problems that I associate from the upgrade, and the nvidia driver=20
works fine. While I had originally had CentOS, I had to manually install =

the nvidia drivers. After installing F9 from scratch, I then installed=20
nvdia from livna, and the
ModulePath "/usr/lib64/xorg/modules/extensions/nvidia"
Was installed automatically. My upgrade to F10 was a network upgrade.

But, after experience with upgrades going back to Digital Unix and=20
Ultrix, full installs are preferable. And, I had 2 bad experiences with=20
upgrades on RHEL on 2 different IA64 systems, the first in Toronto by IT =

people, and the second at HP where we were very careful to do it right,=20
because we had the prior experience. When I upgraded 6 systems at work,=20
I did a full install.

On 12/14/2008 01:15 PM, Stephen Adler wrote:
> Well, I was about to get divorced from Feroda and perhaps start an=20
> affair with ubuntu... Long story short, my desktop setup just seemed to=
> get buggier and buggier, with application not running right, windows=20
> freezing up bla bla bla...
> So I decided to do the dirty and reinstall fedora 10 from scratch. They=
> way I got to fedora 10 in the first place was through an upgrade from=20
> fedora 8. What a difference...
> It comes down to this basic principle which I should follow from now=20
> on.... Never upgrade, always install. The only think that I can think o=
> is that there was too much crud from fedora 8 laying about after the=20
> upgrad to fedora 10 that things didn't quite work. It's not so much tha=
> old fc8 rpms were laying about, but fc8 settings and configurations wer=
> left in place instead of running the new fc10 settings. Anyway, a fresh=
> install of fc10 fixed all that.
> And to boot, I was able to get compiz fully working which is the real=20
> cat's meow... If anyone needs assitance on this, here's the URL...
>   =20
> Also not, for those using nivida drivers, you need to add the line
>     ModulePath      "/usr/lib64/xorg/modules/extensions/nvidia"
> in the "Files" section in your xorg.conf
> I guess I won't divorce fedora yet... but it was a rough patch there...=
>  =20

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